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Arlington Palliative Care
Arlington Palliative Care is a health-care organization whose mission is to improve quality of life for patients with severe illnesses.  Since they are hospital-based, this group of healthcare professionals provides not only traditional bed-side care, but also out-patient services.  

Originating as 500 SF of bare space, the client's goal was to transform the nearly-windowless space into an office that would welcome patient, doctor and staff alike in an environment that would give dignity and comfort to the patient while providing functionality to the healthcare provider.

Programmatically, the space was divided into four areas: waiting room, reception and administrative area for administrative staff, two patient examination rooms and open office space for two physicians.  Paramount were two opposing design requirements: allow natural daylight to penetrate as far as possible into the deep, narrow space, yet provide as much privacy and comfort to the patient as possible.

BZ Architects achieved the first goal by using both clear and translucent glass partitions to define the waiting, administrative and office areas.  A combination of maple cabinetry, stone and glass tiles and other warm finishes satisfies the second goal.  A curving, dropped ceiling soffit mirrors the carpet pattern and serves to link the spaces together into a cohesive whole. Together with a varied color palette applied throughout the design, the result is a handsome space designed to serve both the patient and healthcare provider alike.

BZ Architects provided architectural, interior design and construction administrative services for this project.