A Solid Classic
This project, completed in 2016, was part of the whole-house renovation and expansion of a 1920's-era single family house in a close-in Boston neighborhood.  BZ Architect's portion of the project included the overall design of the custom wall, base and taller cabinetry at the kitchen, master bath and children's bedroom.  

As with many projects, greater emphasis is placed on the kitchen, where the functional but elegant U-shaped kitchen design provides good traffic flow through the space while allowing differentiation between the kitchen and dining area via the use of a granite-topped peninsula and custom, glass paneled dining room taller cabinets.

Using Mountaineer Cabinet Company's solid wood doors and face frame construction throughout, the client-selected cabinetry - full overlay, Shaker style, white-washed solid maple doors and drawers on solid maple cabinets - fits seemlessly into the style of the existing house and achieves the client's requirement for a timeless, classic look.