Open House
This interiors project started with the redesign of the client's kitchen but ultimately extended to most of the first floor, culminating in a dramatic second floor master bath.  

The previous first floor layout was composed of discreet rooms that were separate and closed off from each other.  Our response was to visually expand the floor plate by "borrowing" space from adjacent rooms through the selective relocation of just a few walls and utilities.  With barriers removed, the new first floor gains a new sense of openness - without the need for added square footage.

The master suite enjoys an open floor plan, where the master bedroom and bath can be either completely separate or can be joined together through the use of sliding panels.  A curvaceous, free-standing soaking tub takes center stage below a large skylight and is offset by an angular, paneled wall.  Clear structural glass at the shower allow unimpeded views throughout the room and to the large-format tiles beyond.